Bill Engel



“I am forever indebted to my mom and dad for giving me a guitar when I was 6 years old. So many of my best times, the places I’ve been, and most of all, the special people in my life, past and present…I owe all to them, and that little guitar.”


A veteran of the Pennsylvania country music scene drawn to the darker side of Pages of Paul’s music, particularly “So Happy”, and “Don’ Tell Me.” Bill also plays bass for Tommy Cash & the Cash Crew, and held down the lead guitar chair for Neon Cactus in their crazy drive for success and respect.


His influences are J.R. Cash, Elvis, and Marty Stuart. He does not own a cell phone, passions include old tractors and antiquing, and he is disturbed by the current state of country music.


Great moments in musical life: playing Jamboree in the hills, spending a night in the Cash homestead, and playing bass alongside W.S. Hollland. And most importantly, this.

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